My Website Design Portfolio Has Not Been Updated for 4 Years

I have not added anything to my website in 4 years. I have not visited my own website in several months. I am a web professional. This may be a problem.

This is very typical in the website design industry. Many people have discussed the relative importance of an updated portfolio. I had to remind myself that my portfolio is 4 years old. A lot has changed in four years. My design style is more refined. My programming method has evolved. What has stayed the same is my resistance to update my portfolio. The main reason is, I have a full slate of paid client work.

In lieu of a full website refresh I want to provide this post to provide links to work that has been completed more recently. I don’t find any value in going all the way back to 2012 as those projects will not accurately represent our current sensibilities and methodologies. Here they are in no particular order:

Advanced Micro Instruments, Inc.
Tasks: Rebranding, Brand Bible, Website Redesign, SEO, PPC Management
Tags: H2S Analyzers, Oxygen Analyzers, Gas Detectors, Flue Gas Analyzer, Oxygen Monitor, Gas Analyzer

AMI produces oxygen analyzers, monitors, and gas sensors for use in a variety of industries. Their website features a database driven product system that uses session variables to store information that is included with quote and contact forms.

IOTEC, Integrated Office Technology
Tasks: Logo Clean Up, Collateral Design, Website Redesign

IOTEC is a certified Toshiba and Konica-Minolta dealer with 5 southern California locations and full service department. Customers are able to request service and order supplies. Staff is able to track requests and monitor copy meters remotely.

Monte Vista Farming
Tasks: Website Design
Accolades: Awwwards Nominee

Monte Vista is a California almond processor. They provide shelling, packing and delivery services for distribution around the globe. The site features a cookie based product tracking system, and a content management system.

New Aces Pecan Company
Tasks: Rebranding, Brand Bible, Website Design
Accolades: Awwwards Nominee

New Aces is a Pecan Processing company. With multiple locations they provide wholesale pecans to the world. The website features order tracking, content management, and a cookie based product system.

Galletto Ristorante
Tasks: Website Design
Accolades: Awwwards Nominee

Galletto is an Italian Bistro in central California. The website features Open Table Integration, Menu Management, and responsive layout.

Infusion Organique
Tasks: Rebranding, Collateral Design, Website Design
Accolades: Awwwards Nominee

Infusion Organique is an organic beauty brand. The website provides ecommerce for both retail and wholesale customers. The homepage features an animated product selector.

The Performance Lab
Tasks: Website Design

The Performance Lab is an athletic training facility in central California. They train athletes for high school and college level competition.

Shimek Strategic
Tasks: Website Design

Sun Valley Rice
Tasks: Website Design

Gen-Ji-Mai Rice
Tasks: Website Design

Swenson Shear
Tasks: Logo Clean Up, Website Design, Collateral Design