Welcome back a better and a more user friendly Friendster

Before the online community was taken by the novelty of Facebook or Twitter; another company was already spearheading photo sharing apps, instant messaging and the most basic of social networking. But in the vast world of cyber space, the competition heated up with the coming in of more user friendly apps with a blast of different online games for every registered user. As more and more people got hooked with Farmville and other games on Facebook, Friendster was slowly ignored and was easily forgotten by some of its users. Nothing was heard from them until recently when they tried to level up the playing field by introducing the site as a new “social gaming” venue for the online community. Continue reading “Welcome back a better and a more user friendly Friendster”

Ipad apps for babies learning development

With the ever increasing number of applications and softwares developed and produced by the ingenuity of man for specific purposes to his own benefits and comfort, it is not therefore surprising that as of recent times, the use of technology and advance programming is becoming more and more essential to virtually every age group. Continue reading “Ipad apps for babies learning development”

The Drive, a cloud storage application from Google is out

While Microsoft Corp. already has the SkyDrive that they offer to their loyal customers and Apple has what they call the iCloud on their gadgets and software applications, at long last Google has even up the playing field by introducing their own application which lets their users store files, uploads photos and other documents easily into an organized portfolio. The new technology has been referred to only as Google’s Drive. Continue reading “The Drive, a cloud storage application from Google is out”

Facebook’s acquisition of 650 patents from Microsoft

Who would not be familiar with perhaps two of the biggest names in the cyber community and social networking – Microsoft and Facebook? Just recently, Microsoft have engaged in a potential investment from AOL into purchasing about 925 of its patented applications for $1 billion but now the giant company is trying to make a deal with the most patronized social networking site in the whole industry today. The company is trying to sell about 70% of its acquired patents to Facebook for only half the price of what it has given AOL. With the fast-paced world of the cyber community, it is hardly any wonder why leading business owners in the industry are trying to make ventures here and there, just to make their companies much better, and possibly much more advanced and secure. Continue reading “Facebook’s acquisition of 650 patents from Microsoft”

Google’s Project Glasses – an innovation that stands out among the rest or a burden?

While the never ending discussion of where the boundaries of technology should stop, and would man be able to live comfortably without the use of computers, cellular phones, or similar gadgetry be possible; the ever famous cyber community of Google is on its final phase of mass producing another in electronic gadget you will find in the market soon. Introducing “Project Glasses”, a form of augmented reality glasses which uses advance technology embedded in a stylish and casual looking silver frame which you can wear anytime and anywhere. Now you can do so much without touching your cell phone or opening your laptop if you are in a WiFi zone just to check your social networking site, or to get some information from the web. Continue reading “Google’s Project Glasses – an innovation that stands out among the rest or a burden?”

Facebook buys Instagram

The biggest social- networking website in the world has gone a step further to secure another app right to their name. Facebook is reported to have made a $1 billion offer to Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing app that has rocked the tech world in the last 15 months. This will be Facebook’s biggest acquisition yet, and she already has the most users on one social network.
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5 Graphic Design and Development Tips You Cannot Ignore

It is a recurring theme looking through modern gallery sites and portfolio collections – ego. Looking through sites for inspiration I notice designers designing for designers, developers building functionality for show off points, and the end result is something considered “cool” that the customer cannot use and the customers audience deems inappropriate. I have compiled this checklist of 5 things I keep in mind when designing or developing for my customers. These tips help me to stay on the right path to delivering something I am proud of, and is valuable to the customer.

Here is a list of the 5 Design and Development Tips you can use to create a more clear end product for your customer.
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Google+ And The Plus Button

I recently added the plus 1 button to my website and read through some of the suggestions. Google recommends placing the button at the top of the page, close to the logo, to make it easier for visitors to use it. My translation of that is, they want to brand everything. I placed the button in my footer, below twitter, facebook, and LinkedIn. I don’t believe many people will use it, and definitely not important enough to basically co-brand my websites.

The info I read on the Plus 1 button mentions it will help filter relevant search results the more people use the button. We will see if that helps but plus has a long way to go to become as mainstream as Facebook. Right now, only my tech friends are using plus and the soccer mom’s are still addicted to Facebook. Converting them will take years.

Stitcher Renews Faith In Podcasts

When podcasting started it was instantly a geek only medium. Just the fact that you had to subscribe, download, and either listen on your computer or sync to take it with you was a pain.

It has all changed thanks to smart phones and apps like Stitcher. I no longer need to sync to take my podcasts with me on my run or in my car. Fire up the app and it will automatically find the latest episodes of your subscribed podcasts and start playing them in order. Genius. Now podcasts make sense for the non-geek, or “mainstream” just because it is now easy.