Be an organ donor or find one through Facebook!

Enough of the social bickering and cyber bullying that are often associated with the world’s leading social network – Facebook. Proving to the world how influential and how technology can be of great assistance to social work, its founder Mark Zuckerberg and some of the high executives of the company initiated the move to encourage its millions of subscribers to actually become organ donors for those who are waiting in line to be blessed with some vital organs that would help them live longer.

The website has been updated to contain an option for its users to register their names if they want to become an organ donor someday. Users in the U.S and also in the U.K. can use the simple tool in their timelines to feature that they are willing to be organ donors. As of the current time, this initiative is targeting to help about half a million patients in the U.S who are awaiting very crucial transplants. The country has been having problems in terms of very scarce donations of different organs for thousands of patients suffering from various illnesses who are waiting to become beneficiaries of these vital parts. A report from one organization has estimated about 6,000 to 7,000 patients dying every passing year just because they were not able to receive immediate surgical procedures to replace damaged or non-functioning organs in their bodies.

With Facebook spearheading the campaign for organ donation, it won’t be long before thousands of kind donors would come up in the open to offer new encouragement and hope for these patients to continue the fight for their lives. Registering on Facebook does not coerce you to become a donor, but rather it is an open invitation if you are willing to share a part of you to someone who badly needs it to add years to their existence. To be eligible and get registered as an organ donor, you still have to follow some state laws and registration, before you are permitted to actually do so.

The campaign is not only set to gain possible organ donors, but also looks to promote awareness to millions of people worldwide on how to save a life, and how important it is to become an organ donor. The site also serves as a potential link for those who are in the search of possible organ donors; this way they won’t have very difficult times looking for someone who might be willing to lend a helping hand. Facebook also offers some helpful links to other organizations that are registering or enrolling willing donors.

Social media such as these social networking sites are very influential these days, especially with their different kind of charisma and appeal to the younger generations. Hence with the initiative in place, it might be a good way to show them the values of charity, sacrifice, and love for others which are now sadly rare to find. It also strengthens the claim of how modern technological advances can be used to save thousands of lives.


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