The Job Hunter’s Paradise: Singapore’s Job Kiosk@Central

Has job hunting ever been so difficult for you? Job hunting can be tiring and frustrating, especially for the impatient. Imagine waiting for hours in a long line of applicants or travelling from place to place in search of job vacancies or going from one interview to another. And even if it’s online, there are still difficulties such as wondering if the potential employer ever received your resume or if someone from the company ever gets to check this account on a certain job hunting site.

Filtering job applicants isn’t easy for employers or HR officers either. They have to find a way to professionally and effectively cater to a lot of applicants at a given time, while figuring out the good, the bad and the don’t-ever-hire. Some applicants also have several issues, inquiries or situations that sometimes make the hiring process longer and harder.  Of course, there’s also a sense of judgment in terms of appearance, making the process quite biased. Even if the application has been processed online, HR offices have this thought at the back of their minds that this may or may not be sent by one of those automated bot systems.

Singapore’s Job Kiosk@Central was created from the difficulties of job hunting and hiring. This project aims to make the whole process faster, easier and more convenient, not only for job hunters, but also for companies and employers. It is described as a “job bank in a computer tablet”. These kiosks may be found and used by going to Central Singapore CDC. The program is readily accessible by the use of provided iPads.

Job Kiosk@Central offers a wide variety of jobs, fields and industries to also a wide variety of applicants. Also, this eliminates the current need for the applicants, at least in Singapore, to see a career consultant for a 45-minute to 1 hour session. Also, unlike most online job application sites today, the applicants don’t need to register or have an account with Central Singapore CDC. The applicant is also able to communicate directly with the employers or HR officers, so there is a direct relay of information, lessening time and error. Not only that, Job Kiosk@Central also gives updates and information to job hunters regarding events, programs, seminars, trainings, talks and the like. This increases their chances of finding work and getting hired.

So far, these kiosks are available in Radin Mas, Toa Payoh and Buona Vista and have been received quite well by the people as it saves them a lot of time and effort. There has been positive feedback from most people who have tried the program. The features people particularly enjoy include the direct communication with the employer, making negotiations and inquiries faster and direct to the point. Also it makes job hunting easier as compared to browsing news papers or looking at posters or ads. Some people also find the system faster and easier with regards to age. There is a certain age, after all, where job hunting gets to be more difficult than the usual.


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