E-Nook levels up the competition with Apple’s Ipad and Amazon’s Kindle Fire

The company pioneering in software engineering and programming, is now out to launch another app to compete with Apple’s Ipad and Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Microsoft has bagged some $300 to $600 million deal with Barnes & Noble for the new Nook e-reader application that would boost the company’s portfolio in terms of the growing tablet computer market, and the expanding e-book business. With the new input and the current Windows 8 OS as the company’s flagship, they are looking to reach out to as many potential users of the touch tablet generation and for many avid e-book fans.

This new application would bring the company to new horizons in terms of electronic publication and would further the desire of many people to purchase the new touch tablets that they offer. While it is true that they have been in the business far longer than their competitors, those years were mostly spent in developing advanced and more innovative operating systems for various units. Subconsciously, they have ignored other areas of potential investments in the market, particularly the mobile and smartphone revolution which have been the most productive and financially growing areas of the cyber business.

And this collaboration with Barnes & Noble would ensure that they bring forward a tight competition from other leading mobile and smartphone manufacturers, most especially Apple. It cannot be denied how Microsoft has changed the way modern technology has influenced the many operations of our day to day life, especially in its excellent contribution to many computer systems. Sadly, they have been left out too long from the competition, and now it might really take some time before they can begin to step up on their level of mobile and smartphone engineering. However, with their ingenuity and their resources, you wouldn’t put it past them.

The investment is said to be beneficial to both parties. Microsoft would now have something in the market that should somehow compete with other touch tablet gadgetry in the market, and Barnes & Noble would have the needed funds to strengthen and promote their e-Nook reader application. With this in mind, it should not take too long before both companies would be able to regain the financial expenditures they have made, while making a name in the cyber community. Money is not an issue for Microsoft, so it is a risk that should go unnoticed if the whole plan falls through. However, this is something far from the minds of both companies.

Actually the Nook has already been launched in the market since 2009, barely a couple of years later than Amazon’s Kindle Fire. E-reader apps, tablets and other electronic book sales under the company’s banner were slowly gaining fame, but that was not enough to reach out throughout the global market scene. A year after launching the application, the company was seeking other investors to make the app more public, but sad to say only Liberty Media was quite interested, and eventually backed out from the deal. Currently, the Nook is only available in the U.S. and with its collaboration with Barnes & Noble; the company looks forward to sharing it with the rest of the world.


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