An edge for a healthier and budget-predicting handy electronic shopping machine

Are you one of the many people who are very meticulous about the details of the food they eat, and would spend a few minutes reading through the back of every label of possible dairy or food products they would want to purchase from the supermarket? For many health conscious buyers, it would always be necessary to look through every bit of information they could find to be sure it would be a right choice for them, and certainly not otherwise. There are also a few shoppers who not only look through the dietary components of every food products, but are also concerned about how much the cost of their entire basket or cart.

If you are one of them, you don’t have to strain your eyes anymore reading through the small fonts written in there, because there is a new gadget in town which is making quite an impression not only to the shoppers, but also to many grocery owners and supermarket managers. A new device was invented by a British collaboration called Project Change. This new invention is geared towards promoting more responsible buying habits and allowing the consumers to see food mileage, salt content as well as the comparison of pricing from the normal household budgets. It can also be upgraded to provide information about fat and cholesterol content, whether the foods you buy are in season or not and whether it is organic.

You don’t have to go through a lot for the device to work on each item you buy. All you have to do is scan the barcode and the device would tell you what you want to know using the lights or the display factors on the device. For example, the LED lights on the handle would show the food mileage of the product you buy. The fewer the lights it means the lesser or the nearer the source of the products, whereas the color that lights up in the handle would show the salinity of the products that you buy. For those who would want to patronize their local produce, this is the thing that would help promote your local economy. And after you have piled up everything that you need, the emoticon on the handle would show just how much you have spent on your budget; whether it would just be within the average or higher or lower than the norm and you would have a smiley, neutral or frowning face to show for it. What a cool way to exercise money management, right?

This is actually a good item to go with on your shopping trip the next time you are out buying some new stuff. Not only would it be beneficial for health conscious customers, but it would also encourage most shoppers to start looking into the contents of the food they eat. So if you are thinking of purchasing this device, you should look out for the “Lambent Shopping Trolley Handle” as this what the inventors of this gadget dubbed the new electronic shopping machine.


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