Fixing Galaxy Y Error: Memory Card Removed Unexpectedly

The Samsung Galaxy Y is one of the least expensive smart phones available in the market today. If you’re already an owner of a Samsung Galaxy Y, you’ve probably already experienced the occasional error message saying “Memory Card Removed Unexpectedly” or the “Removed Unexpectedly Error”. Don’t immediately have a technician open your phone to look at the memory card slot, and don’t buy a new memory card to replace the one you have either. You are not the only one who’s experiencing the “Removed Unexpectedly Error”. All owners of Samsung Galaxy Y units are experiencing this error.
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Google+ And The Plus Button

I recently added the plus 1 button to my website and read through some of the suggestions. Google recommends placing the button at the top of the page, close to the logo, to make it easier for visitors to use it. My translation of that is, they want to brand everything. I placed the button in my footer, below twitter, facebook, and LinkedIn. I don’t believe many people will use it, and definitely not important enough to basically co-brand my websites.

The info I read on the Plus 1 button mentions it will help filter relevant search results the more people use the button. We will see if that helps but plus has a long way to go to become as mainstream as Facebook. Right now, only my tech friends are using plus and the soccer mom’s are still addicted to Facebook. Converting them will take years.

Print Fellas Launches Their Online Printing Site

Print Fellas has just launched a complete makeover of their online printing site. New features include a larger design template gallery, Ajax enabled purchasing, scrollable product designs on each product page, project logs to track your order, and a completely new css designed interface. The dark grays and blacks have been replaced with bright oranges, yellow and greens. The ordering proces has been simplified, all product pages include print pricing estimators, and much improved online communication and project management. The backend is powered by a proprietary content and project management system that is integrated into the print production product flow.

There are too many new features to list, you should visit the new site and experience it yourself. The prices on everything including business cards, postcards, letterhead, envelopes and stickers are still some of the lowest on the internet, but Print Fellas still has the best creative around of any online printer… proven by the look of their new site. Take a look.