5 Graphic Design and Development Tips You Cannot Ignore

It is a recurring theme looking through modern gallery sites and portfolio collections – ego. Looking through sites for inspiration I notice designers designing for designers, developers building functionality for show off points, and the end result is something considered “cool” that the customer cannot use and the customers audience deems inappropriate. I have compiled this checklist of 5 things I keep in mind when designing or developing for my customers. These tips help me to stay on the right path to delivering something I am proud of, and is valuable to the customer.

Here is a list of the 5 Design and Development Tips you can use to create a more clear end product for your customer.
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Print Fellas Launches Their Online Printing Site

Print Fellas has just launched a complete makeover of their online printing site. New features include a larger design template gallery, Ajax enabled purchasing, scrollable product designs on each product page, project logs to track your order, and a completely new css designed interface. The dark grays and blacks have been replaced with bright oranges, yellow and greens. The ordering proces has been simplified, all product pages include print pricing estimators, and much improved online communication and project management. The backend is powered by a proprietary content and project management system that is integrated into the print production product flow.

There are too many new features to list, you should visit the new site and experience it yourself. The prices on everything including business cards, postcards, letterhead, envelopes and stickers are still some of the lowest on the internet, but Print Fellas still has the best creative around of any online printer… proven by the look of their new site. Take a look.


10 Holiday Photo Tips

Print Fellas has just publish a useful article about taking holiday photos. This is a quick list of ten items to consider hen taking your photographs. Here is one of the tips:

5. Get Close
Your family should fill the entire frame of the picture. Position your camera close so that you don’t rely on too much zoom, but also avoid too much empty space around the edges.

Using these tips throughout the holiday season will leave you with photos you will cherish forever. To view the complete list here is the link:


Holiday cards to show off your new photos: