The 2 Hour Prototype Time Tracking App

I could not find a time tracking app or system that fit my vision. My wish list included something simple, efficient, and fits into my workflow. Knowing this is a very common task, I went looking around the webernet with the intention of paying a little something for a quality app. As expected, there were quite a few. Some with feature overload, crazy server requirements, or subscription based. That is when I decided to build one.

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Moving from BlueHost to SiteGround

Web Hosting History

I have spent a lot of time and effort into finding a trusted hosting solution for my sites, and my clients. Originally I was obsessed with the low price after having several sites hosted with Media Temple, burning a hole in my pocket. Media Temple is very fast, and very trusted, but you cannot afford to get any media mentions. By that I mean traffic spikes will either cost you a pretty penny, or they just let your site fail if you are on a starter shared plan.

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Utilizing and Valuing Customer Feedback

When seeking to improve anything regarding your business, service or product, it is important that you acquire and pay attention to feedback from various customers. Feedback is important because they help you see things that you may be missing from the big picture. Usually, it is the customers who tell you which parts you should improve and which ones should go. Is your procedure too slow? Are your products satisfying? Is there anything else you need to work on? Whether it’s constructive criticism or praises and comments, it is important for you to pay attention to whatever your customer is saying. Continue reading “Utilizing and Valuing Customer Feedback”

Fixing Galaxy Y Error: Memory Card Removed Unexpectedly

The Samsung Galaxy Y is one of the least expensive smart phones available in the market today. If you’re already an owner of a Samsung Galaxy Y, you’ve probably already experienced the occasional error message saying “Memory Card Removed Unexpectedly” or the “Removed Unexpectedly Error”. Don’t immediately have a technician open your phone to look at the memory card slot, and don’t buy a new memory card to replace the one you have either. You are not the only one who’s experiencing the “Removed Unexpectedly Error”. All owners of Samsung Galaxy Y units are experiencing this error.
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The Job Hunter’s Paradise: Singapore’s Job Kiosk@Central

Has job hunting ever been so difficult for you? Job hunting can be tiring and frustrating, especially for the impatient. Imagine waiting for hours in a long line of applicants or travelling from place to place in search of job vacancies or going from one interview to another. And even if it’s online, there are still difficulties such as wondering if the potential employer ever received your resume or if someone from the company ever gets to check this account on a certain job hunting site. Continue reading “The Job Hunter’s Paradise: Singapore’s Job Kiosk@Central”

Get ready for a much faster and innovative Blackberry 4G LTE Playbook

Are you a tech whiz who just can’t seem to get enough of the latest innovations from smartphones or the much celebrated touch tablet technology? If you are, then you might be in for a few months of anticipation before the leading Canadian-based manufacturer and designer of wireless solutions in the mobile industry would be out to launch yet another innovative and more advanced 4G LTE Playbook later this year. Thorsten Heins, CEO of the company Research in Motion which is the main producer and marketer of the Blackberry line has yet to provide a specific date for the launch; however, many Blackberry fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the product, to see if it would meet their expectations, especially with the inclusion of the 4G LTE technology in the tablet. Continue reading “Get ready for a much faster and innovative Blackberry 4G LTE Playbook”

Be an organ donor or find one through Facebook!

Enough of the social bickering and cyber bullying that are often associated with the world’s leading social network – Facebook. Proving to the world how influential and how technology can be of great assistance to social work, its founder Mark Zuckerberg and some of the high executives of the company initiated the move to encourage its millions of subscribers to actually become organ donors for those who are waiting in line to be blessed with some vital organs that would help them live longer. Continue reading “Be an organ donor or find one through Facebook!”

E-Nook levels up the competition with Apple’s Ipad and Amazon’s Kindle Fire

The company pioneering in software engineering and programming, is now out to launch another app to compete with Apple’s Ipad and Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Microsoft has bagged some $300 to $600 million deal with Barnes & Noble for the new Nook e-reader application that would boost the company’s portfolio in terms of the growing tablet computer market, and the expanding e-book business. With the new input and the current Windows 8 OS as the company’s flagship, they are looking to reach out to as many potential users of the touch tablet generation and for many avid e-book fans. Continue reading “E-Nook levels up the competition with Apple’s Ipad and Amazon’s Kindle Fire”

An edge for a healthier and budget-predicting handy electronic shopping machine

Are you one of the many people who are very meticulous about the details of the food they eat, and would spend a few minutes reading through the back of every label of possible dairy or food products they would want to purchase from the supermarket? For many health conscious buyers, it would always be necessary to look through every bit of information they could find to be sure it would be a right choice for them, and certainly not otherwise. There are also a few shoppers who not only look through the dietary components of every food products, but are also concerned about how much the cost of their entire basket or cart. Continue reading “An edge for a healthier and budget-predicting handy electronic shopping machine”